Nichrome 80 22Ga – Flatwire UK 3m Νέο

Nichrome 80 22Ga – Flatwire UK 3m

Nichrome 80 22Ga – Flatwire UK
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Άλλες πληροφορίες

Our uniquely drawn flattened clapton wire provides users with unbeatable surface area and an improvement in flavour.
A full and in-depth knowledge of ohms’ law and battery safety is required before using any of FlatwireUK products.
Flatten the competition with the original flatwireUK – often imitated, never beaten.
We source the cleanest and most widely used wire types then we double their surface area as they are custom drawn and loaded onto our new 10ft reels.
We pride ourselves on affordability and customer satisfaction.

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Nichrome 80 22Ga – Flatwire UK 3m

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